Miss to Mrs

Tomorrow is the day I become the ‘official’ Mrs Parsons!

I will admit I am a little bit scared about tomorrow, I will be waking up and going to marry the man who changed my entire life.


7 months ago I started to get to know my partner really well I went to his house with a group of other people and we all played games and had a BBQ. I knew of my partner for about year before this but we never actually had spoken to one another. We saw each other around at the church we both attended, but still never spoke to each other.

I then went on a church camp to which he was also there. We laughed and joked and got to know a little bit more about each other. This ending in us arranging to go as a group of people to Alton Towers. I saw him every day after this Alton Towers trip and we began dating.

On the 30th September he asked me to marry him. It was beautiful!

As of tomorrow we will have been engaged exactly 6 months, which we then become husband and wife. How crazy is that?

Despite the nerves and slight feelings of fear that the day will go so well and hoping that nothing goes wrong, I am so excited to start a new journey with him. This new journey for us is looking to be a great one.

I am creating this blog to share some of the special moments in our lives, about our travels and different experiences. This is the start of our journey.

Carmen xx

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