Mr and Mrs Parsons

We did it! We finally said ‘Yes’ to spending the rest of our lives together.

I find myself reflecting on the day as I write this remembering things I had completely forgotten or seeing things I had missed on the day. It is crazy how fast the day goes by and what you miss when you’re so focused on getting down the aisle smoothly and as quickly as possible.

My husband and I have been married for almost 3 months now and life has been good to us. As each day goes on I find things each day that make me love him more and more. I really know that we were meant to get married and everything fits right when we are together. So many people have asked me “How does it feel being married?” and in truth it doesn’t feel too different except I now have the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with forever, signed and sealed! It’s hard to really describe how it is different sometimes, ultimately it is a level of love and comfort that I have never experienced before. That’s the main difference.

In the church where we first met we promised to love each other for the rest of our lives and all eternity, and became ‘husband and wife *kiss the bride*’. It was a day spent with so many of our loved ones and friends, an experience of such happiness and love, more than anything I have experienced before.

On the morning of our wedding day I woke early, both nervous and excited for the day that was to come. Thankfully the sun was shining and the clouds were scarce in the sky, (this was a true blessing as we’d had a lot of rain in past weeks). I sat talking to my nanny and my best friend (also my maid of honour) for ages, all of us clearly nervous for the day ahead but all laughing and joking trying to keep a calm atmosphere before the chaos of getting ready began. One thing I loved about our day was having my best friend, Hannah, as my maid of honour. I remember messaging her a few weeks before the wedding and telling her something along the lines of ‘I hope you realise I am going to need you on the day- all day. You need to keep me calm and on time. I’m completely relying on you!’ Looking back on it that was a huge request to ask, but she lived up to it completely. I do not remember a part of that day where she wasn’t nearby, always close enough that should a problem arise she could sort it for me or help me when I needed something and didn’t need something. I was so blessed to have her with me and it made me realise how much of blessing Hannah really is to me.

Around 7am my bridesmaids started to arrive (we had a 10 am wedding- early I know!) at the hotel I was staying in, about 15 minutes away from the venue. I had one of my long time friends come and help with makeup, my makeup was so amazing and I am so grateful to her for coming to sort me out, she has always sorted me out with my makeup. We went for soft neutral tones, a very natural look, and she achieved it completely! The morning, like many other brides was chaotic. We ended up with 5 of my 8 bridesmaids all in one room plus me and my nanny, to say it got a bit hot and tight was an understatement but it was so amazing to see everyone together and I felt so lucky to be able to get ready and share that experience with so many of my loved ones. My gorgeous hair was done by my sister in law and my goodness she did such an amazing job, it was exactly what I had always pictured and wanted and I couldn’t have been happier- it also held all day which was an even bigger bonus.

Down the hall from me I had my little sisters who were 3 of my bridesmaids getting ready with my parents, they all looked so beautiful and their hair was gorgeous too, done by my step mum, they looked amazing.

Being able to put on my dress was the best feeling in the world. My dress was a dream for me, since I was little girl I had always wanted to have a long dress, with laced sleeves and a lace bodice and a sparkly belt. Well my wedding dress ticked all the boxes and proved to be everything I have ever dreamed about, I couldn’t be happier with my dress and wish I could wear it everyday! I’m is grateful to my parents for helping me find the perfect dress and for buying it and my grandma for modifying it to suit my needs.

I’m also thankful to my mum who helped me to pick out my shoes. I love them and want any excuse to wear them again and again.

Arriving at the church with my dad, seeing all my bridesmaid lined up outside the church waiting for me, well I could have cried if it wasn’t for the fact I had makeup on and didn’t want to smudge anything. For me it was one of my favourite moments of the entire day being able to get out the car and just see the building where I would start my new life with the man I love. As we walked into the church and lined up ready to walk down the aisle, the nerves had started to hit alot! What if I trip? What if I forget what to say, or don’t say it right? What if he isn’t there? All silly doubts I know. In that moment I felt myself cling to my dad more than ever before, it’s a surprise his arm didn’t break I was holding so tightly. One thing I remember in that moment as clear as day, was turning to my dad and saying “Please don’t let me fall!” and his response at first was a joking one… of course, but then he turned to me and said “We go when you are ready, at your pace, I won’t let you fall!” It was then that I felt the tears try to fall. I was boosted with a new sense of confidence. That was it I was ready to married the man of my dreams.

Walking down the aisle, seeing all your family and friends is such a special moment, one that I can’t even begin to try and explain. Seeing Simon waiting for me at the end of the aisle was the greatest feeling in the world and I wish I could replay it over and over again. In that moment it became clear to me what love really is and what it looks like, and to me it’s seeing my soon to be husband crying (in a good way) as he watches me walk towards him. It was a powerful moment for me, a very personal one, that I can’t even think of the words to share.

Our service was beautiful and we are both very blessed with the people we have in our lives that made it even more special. We are eternally grateful to those who were part of it. The only photo I have of the service is us signing the register so I’ll insert it here.

After the service we went outside to have our photos taken, our photographer, Helen, was so amazing. She made the day complete and captured so many precious moments for us, that I personally hadn’t seen on the day. We owe so much to Helen, she has given us moments to cherish forever! Her photography skills are like no other and her kindness and gentleness helped our day to flow smoother. Such a kind, positive and wonderful person- thank you so much for everything you did.

We also had cupcakes, sweets and drinks for our guests during the photos, this was to allow everyone to have the chance to celebrate with us, not just those who attended our reception afterwards. As well as helped to keep people slightly fed while we completed the photos.

Our reception was beautiful, so much more than I could have ever imagined. We have Simon’s parents to thank for the dedication and time they put into our wedding. They put so much time into the days leading up to our wedding to create the look and setting that we wanted for our venue, from climbing up ladders to hang drapes, washing up hundreds of plates and glasses and cutlery, even to the buying and organising of the food (which was amazing!). Our day would not have been complete if it wasn’t for their outstanding help and love for us.

Flowers! Oh my goodness, I never knew that flowers could be as stressful as they are. Trying to find and pick flowers that match our colours and work well together, that is not one of my skills. But our flowers from my bouquet, to bridesmaid flowers, to buttonholes, chapel flowers and top table pieces were phenomenal. They were such a important part of the day for us (as we wanted a floral theme), and my nanny did it all for us. She is superwoman! All of our flowers were made and put together and finished and design completely by my nanny. I showed her a photo of what I wanted and she made my dream come true, I will forever be grateful for her help. Most importantly I will cherish the moments we spent together designing and putting together the flowers, that was truly a special time to be with my nanny and get closer to one another.

Our reception all happened so fast, the day just flew by. Two of my favourite parts of the day was our cake and our first dance.

Firstly the cake. We had an amazing cake! A ‘Shimmering Hoop Chocolate Wedding Cake – White & Silver’, it looked amazing, it tasted wonderful too. We are so lucky that Simon’s sister bought our wedding cake for us and was so willing to find something that had what we both wanted. It was beautiful!

Secondly our first dance. I feel that for many people their wedding ‘first dance’, isn’t actually their first dance. But for me and Simon it was practically our first dance. We’d never really had the chance to dance with each other before our wedding day and for me that was something extra special, being able to share that moment in front of family and friends, a moment where we felt like we were completely alone, only aware of each others company. That is a true moment of indescribable happiness and love.

We cannot thank our dear friends and family enough for attending our wedding, we love you all SO much!

Photography: Helen Griffin Photography: Helen you were so amazing and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful with the memories you’ve captured for us- Thank you!

Venue: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints

Flowers: Ebay, The Range, Amazon.

Bride Dress: JJ’s House

Bride Shoes: John Lewis

Bridesmaid Dresses: Amazon, Debenhams

Maid of Honour Dress: Amazon

Groom Suit: Debenhams

Cake: M&S

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