Our Mini Moon

Mini Moon? To some this means nothing. To those who have also had this experience, they will probably understand what it is. Our mini moon consisted of two nights away after we got married, then a return home shortly after as Simon had an exam! Not the ideal way I’m sure, I know so many people that have left their wedding and flown off to Spain, Greece, Rome etc… off to enjoy a honeymoon of dreams. Instead we got in the car and drove to London, then Brighton and it was perfect!

After our wedding was over we wanted to have some time to ourselves, enjoy being married for a day or two before we had to get back to normality. For the first night of our ‘mini moon’ we stayed in a beautiful hotel near Gatwick airport, the Arora Hotel. It was amazing, we went up to one of the higher floors, (it could have been the top floor – I can’t remember) into the biggest hotel room I have probably ever seen. It was so picturesque, glass windows formed the walls of the room, outside the sky was dark but the lights of different traffic and shops looked like stars. I absolutely loved it! (Plus we got the softest robes and slippers ever!)

After dropping off our bags and getting changed out of wedding clothes we realised how hungry we were after being all over that day, so decided to head out for food. Bare in mind not much is open at 11:30pm. As we were leaving I was trying to find my shoes, I was sure I had packed them. I had been packed for this for almost a week before the wedding and I’d remembered Simon shoes, so mine had to be somewhere surely… They were not! I had come away with no shoes except my wedding shoes (which of course where white high heels- not ideal for going out and walking around in). That was the first eventful experience for our married life. So instead I wore Simon’s shoes through the hotel and down to the car park- I felt ridiculous.

Once in the car Simon suggested he’d run into a 24- hour Tesco and buy me some pumps or something for me to wear until I could go buy something the next day. Disaster… It was the only 24- hour Tesco I have encountered that isn’t 24- hours. Instead of keeping the whole store open 24 hours, they close half of the store at 10pm, and the one department closed (of course) was the clothes and footwear department. No luck for shoes there!

By this point we were hungry and tired and I just wanted to eat and go to sleep. We looked for anything nearby that might be open at 11:45 pm- McDonald’s. Can always rely on McDonald’s. Due to the shoe fiasco I had to sit in the car whilst Simon ran to get our food, both of us aware that this was our last chance for something to eat as everywhere shuts at midnight. Whilst waiting in the car I realised Simon had been gone for a while, I knew he was hungry but what on earth was he buying? That’s when he appeared finally, looking a bit uncertain. He’d been locked in! This night could not have gotten more eventful if we’d tried. After this we ate quickly, went back to the hotel and slept into most of the morning.

One thing I learnt from this first night is; marriage will never ever be boring for Simon and I, in one way or another. I have however now got an urge to always pack two sets of shoes whenever we go away just in case.

Hotel: Arora Hotel

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