What's been going on?


So it’s been a long time and so much has changed.

So a quick update on what is going on in life;

  • After we got married and we had our little honeymoon we flew to Spain for a longer honeymoon trip. We went to a beautiful place called Mojacar, I loved it. I had never flown before, so that was a bit nervy for me. But once we were in the sky it was amazing and I found it so fascinating to see the clouds and land below. The different countries look so tiny from up high, I couldn’t believe it. We stayed for a week in a cute little apartment which included a swimming pool and tennis courts. Each day my husband, Simon and I would go and play tennis (usually in the mornings)- I don’t think he took me seriously when I told how awful I was at tennis until we’d tried to create a rally and failed every time. We had great days out at the markets, some amazing bargains! Walked up and down the mountain where our apartment was and my favourite part was the food, we got to eat so much amazing food. I have decided I could live in Spain.
  • Simon finished his second year of university and I went a moved out of accommodation from my first year of university.
  • We travelled to lots of different stadiums watching football matches.
  • Spent alot of time with family enjoying the summer- picking strawberries, going on trips to the petting farms, camping and enjoying being in the sun in the swimming pool.
  • I got to become an aunty to another 2 beautiful nephews, who are absolutely gorgeous.
  • We moved into our first flat together. This was so exciting for us and I enjoyed decorating and organising different furniture- I have rearranged and bought a lot of furniture since we first moved in too, whoops! It is so much fun having our own little home and own adventures whether that is cooking together or fitting new toilet seats together (all the luxurious jobs I know- aha).
  • Finally, we had our first Christmas as a married couple. It was so exciting to be able to set up our Christmas tree and prepare stockings and place presents under the tree. I really enjoyed decorating for Christmas and having the Christmas candles burning and the Christmas lights providing a light glow the entire time. It was such a special one.

Phew! I think I have covered most of the big things that have happened for us since we got married. I am sure there are things I have missed, but I am sure you will get to read about them over time.

Next week I have some exciting news to share with you all.

Speak to you next week,

Carmen xx

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