1 year ago…

I struggled these last few days with what to write, I had originally planned to talk about being pregnant and how it has been being in isolation. But I feel like being in isolation can just be seen as negative- even though I completely understand we are doing it to protect the world. So instead I have decided to miss out on that topic this week and jump straight into… this week marks my FIRST Wedding Anniversary!

An entire year ago I became Mrs Parsons and this blog started. How crazy is that?

It has been such an amazing year full of so much excitement, laughter and surprises. Now I’m not going to lie it has not been all sunshine and rainbow. Every one has hard times, adapting to a new life and new routines. But I love every second and would not change anything!

My initial plan had been for us to maybe go away the weekend before- back to the hotel/ area we stayed over our wedding weekend. Or go out for dinner somewhere nice, maybe even a bit ‘fancier’ then we normally would go. However, due to the circumstances in the world at the moment we spent time at home, ordered pizza (yum), watched a movie and just enjoyed being with each other. Despite not being what I had originally planned it was amazing to just have that time together away from the rest of the world.

I am still in disbelief that it has been a year already, even though everyday feels like its been years. There are so many years for us to keep celebrating and I cannot wait- I wonder what next years anniversary will bring?

Next week will hopefully be a more exciting one as it is Simon’s birthday and we have our 20 week scan- so expect next week to be a fun one with some very exciting gender news!

Carmen xxx

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