It’s a… BOY!

Finally I can share that… we are expecting a little boy!

For a while I had no idea what I would be having (obviously) but I didn’t even have a feeling of what he might be. My husband told me very early on, after I had had a long day and felt very emotional about the baby, that he knew everything would be okay and felt that we were having a boy. From that point I would refer to our little guy as ‘he’ or ‘him’ but I didn’t know for sure.

However, part of me still felt maybe he would be a girl, but I think that is because I have always dreamt of having a little girl that I can dress up and do their hair and use bows etc… Now we know it is a boy, I genuinely feel like I have known that all along and it all feels so right. It is so weird how that happens, right? One minute you’re confused and don’t know anything and then suddenly everything feels perfect and in place.

We are both so excited for what is going to come with our little boy and we cannot wait to meet him and watch him grow. I am looking forward to starting to sort out clothes and bits and bobs, not until after the lockdown is over of course.

Next week will be based on my pregnancy so far, 20 week update and a bump update (as he is now starting to show, which is extremely exciting!)

Until then, stay positive as much as possible in this uncertain time.

Carmen xxx

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